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Do you require a deposit?

Yes, it’s half at the time of your signed contract and the other half one month before the date of your wedding.

Do you edit or retouch your images?

Yes, I edit every image you receive and retouch when necessary. My editing is always clean, bright, and warm.

How may images would we receive?

It depends on the coverage, but for an 8 hour wedding you will get between 500-600 images.

Can we have every image taken?

No, I’m sorry! Culling and editing your wedding images is a service provided to help you cherish the most beautiful moments of your day.

How soon will we receive the photos?

You will get a little online gallery preview of your photos in a week or so and within 2 months of your wedding date, you will be sent a wedding parcel with boutique packaging and goodies!

How much time should we reserve for wedding portraits? 

15 minutes or more for bridal party, 20 minutes for family photos, immediately after the ceremony, then 30 minutes for post-ceremony Bride and Groom photos, and 30 minutes for Bride and Groom sunset photos. Trust me, the more alone time you’ll have with your new spouse the more relaxed you will feel on your wedding day.

Do you have a second shooter?

Yes! My boyfriend Peter shoots every wedding with me. I’ve trained him in my style.

Can I have the copyrights or printing rights?

I own the copyrights of all my photos. No photo can be altered in any way or sold without my permission. The printing rights are an extra fee as detailed in my contract. I really recommend using a professional print lab to reproduce your images. No Wal-mart, no Snapfish!

What should we wear to our engagement session?

I photograph happy couples with a good sense of style. Please feel free to dress up and bring multiple outfits! Neutral colors, well fitting garments, and pleasing patterns always work well. Men look best in tailored pants or Levi’s jeans and button ups. Women can’t go wrong with a feminine, long, flowing dress or a skirt, blouse and cardigan. Make sure you plan your outfits beforehand to be the most stylish and beautiful version of yourself!

Can we order a wedding album?

Yes! Please do! Your photos always look better in print, plus this keepsake will last much longer than your laptop will. Albums come in leather and linen covers, in a very large variety of colors. I will custom design your album and then you can will approve it. The album takes about 4-6 weeks to create and deliver.

Can you recommend any vendors for our wedding?

Absolutely! I know plenty of professional and quality vendors, stylists and artists I can send you!

Do you do destination weddings?

That is a HUGE yes! Please contact me to discuss travel details!

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